The Independent Art Portal is an international Internet platform that was created in order to support independent art and people who make it and are interested in it. We create a super cool service that will combine answers to all possible requests of people who make art.

A platform for publishing and promotion of your art: we give our users unique opportunities to publish their creative works and promote them. On our portal, there is an implemented and constantly developing system that allows authors to promote their works. This system provides the maximum number of focused interactions with a potential audience. This system is based on a complex algorithm (subsequently we plan to implement a full-fledged IA model based on this algorithm), so we’re constantly improving it.

Social network: our platform provides its users with all features of a social network that specializes in art. On our platform, you can communicate, learn new things, make up and increase your audience, discuss your own works and the works of other people. You can also create and join interest groups, as well as promote your accounts on other social networks. However, it’s just a small part of the possibilities!

Awards and journal: by publishing your work on our site, you automatically participate in the Independent Art International awards (which we hope to turn into one of the biggest awards in this sphere). Besides, you have an opportunity to become a member of the specialized Independent Art journal.

Marketplace: we have created and currently developing a unique marketplace for your works. On it, you can sell e-books, paintings, photographic works as well as reproductions and merch (T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps) with prints of your work. Later on, you’ll have an opportunity to sell so much more! You can both put the fixed prices for your work, or sell them according to the donation model: it’s the most convenient payment method for our users when the buyer can himself decide how much he will pay for your work (while the lower limit for each item is also put by you).

Video hosting: on our portal you can upload any videos dedicated to your (and not only your) art. We’re sure that we’ll be able to create the biggest video contributions in the sphere of independent art, including, for example, videos of independent theaters’ plays (in so doing, we’ll allow theaters and performers to receive donations per views of their performances and concerts, thus, to make money on their videos)! Upload your videos now, attract a new audience and promote your art!

Events: within the framework of our portal, we have managed to create a platform for publishing and promoting your events in the sphere of art. You can post information about them, offer your target audience consisting of the subscribers of our website to visit them, as well as to arrange the ticket sale for them. Later on, we plan to implement a full-fledged international ticket service based on this platform, however, we’re sure that the opportunities already implemented by us will be useful to you even now!

Catalogs and services: we did our best in order to collect and update information about competitions, festivals, publishing houses, exhibition halls, theatrical venues on our portal. In other words, we collected everything that may be useful to you in promoting your art. We’ll constantly increase the number of catalogs and maintain their relevance. All of them are 100% free! We’ll be also glad to offer you many useful services for your art promotion – check out our latest news! Many of the above-mentioned services are currently under development and will be presented to you soon!

System of points: for all your active actions on our portal, the system will give you special points. For example, by writing a review or a feedback, posting a work, receiving positive feedback, and even just clicking a like button, you will replenish your personal account on our portal. You can spend these points on the promotion of your art. Even considering that fact that we’ve already implemented a system that is constantly promoting your works, we give you some extra promotional opportunities as a reward for your actions on the portal!

Scouts and reviewers: scouts and reviewers are constantly working on our portal. Their goal is to find the best works and help to promote them (as well as to choose works for the awards, journal, and other Independent Art projects, including those offline) Evaluations given by scouts aren’t public which means that neither you nor other users will ever see them. However, these evaluations will be seen by a system that activates your work promotion, as well as by the editorial staff, organizers of events, the jury of awards, and contests. Trust us, it definitely won’t be in vain because any person will be able to see the reviews!

Ratings: a well-developed rating system makes up a whole individual section of the portal. It allows you to always have access to the most interesting works, authors, and discussions. Apart from this, our system will work for the success of your works as well: it will promote them and show them to the most suitable for your works portal users. Ratings make the use of the website more interesting and informative. Most of the users start to work with our portal exactly with them: they check the most relevant and interesting works for the day, the most popular authors, the most outstanding new users, and the most popular critics.

International opportunities: to date we have implemented an English-language international version of our portal, as well as a Russian local version. You can register and promote your works in one or two versions at the same time. By promoting your works on an English-language portal, you’ll have an opportunity to attract an international audience. If your works are created only in Russian or they are targeted mainly at the local Russian audience, you can find it on the Russian version of the portal. In future, we plan to launch Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, and many other versions of our portal.

Kindness: it’s a special section of our portal. Perhaps, it’s the most important section for each of us: here all of us can do some good and save human lives together. We choose profiles of children who really need your help. We ask you not to be indifferent: check out the profiles of children, choose someone who you can help, and make a donation of any size (it can be even 1 ruble as every donation is important). You can also make a collective donation (all provided profiles will receive equal amounts of money). We don’t fundraise money, as we only act as an informational partner, and the money is transferred directly to children whom you donate it.

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