In order to support, promote, and develop independent art, we are glad to announce that from 01.01.2021 we start accepting applications for participation in the Independent Art Awards – IV (2021). This project is vitally important for us, as it’s a direct link to all our activities. We are glad to invite you to participate in our awards. We accept the works of the following genres:

  1. Prose. (any genres, big read, and flash fiction).
  2. Poetry.
  3. Theater. (any genres, one-man shows, plays).
  4. Movies. (any genres, documentary, fiction, short films, and feature-length films).
  5. Photography.
  6. Painting.
  7. Animation.
  8. Music. (any genres, formats, styles).
  9. Fashion.
  10. Independent art projects (journalism, associations, campaigns, etc.).

We don’t impose any restrictions on the formats of works in any nomination, however, in any nomination, we only accept and evaluate the author’s works created in 2010 – 2021 which weren’t among the participants of the previous completions of the Independent Art project.

Acceptance of works: in order to participate in the awards, one should post his works on the Independent Art Portal from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021 inclusive. While posting your works, you can withdraw them from participation in the competition by clicking the relevant item (you can also click this item at any time after posting your work from your personal profile). We don’t have any limitations in the number of works presented for the competition if they meet the competition requirements.

Evaluation of works: during the entire period of the competition, the works are evaluated by the project scouts. Each work is independently evaluated by at least 3 scouts. After the acceptance of works is finished, up to 50 best works of each genre are passed on to the professional jury for the final evaluation.

Summing up: As part of the summing up, on June 15, 2022, we will announce 10 winners. The organizers of the awards have the right to either reduce the number of winners if they fail to choose them in some categories or introduce some additional nominations and awards. All winners will receive cash prizes, limited by the budget of the awards. The budgeting is formed until 15.04.2022 according to the decision of the organizers.

Additional opportunities: according to the evaluations received from scouts, upon the decision of the editorial staff, the most interesting works will make up the basis of the Independent Art journal/digest, that will published during the competition. Besides, such works will have an additional opportunity to participate in other projects (including offline events) of Independent Art. What’s more, the winners and some nominees will have a chance to receive additional prizes according to the decision of the organizers and under the mutual agreement. The prizes will be aimed at the promotion of participants’ work (translation of works, their publication and so much more).

The goal of the awards is to popularize independent authors and to involve talented authors in the project’s extensive cultural activities. Based on the awards results and during the awards, we’re going to organize publications, exhibitions, screenings, festivals and so much more. We’ll be glad to find truly talented and outstanding authors! During the awards, we will post reviews of particular applications and review particular works in our monthly issue of the Independent Art digest.

By placing your work on our portal and applying for our competition, you confirm that you fully agree with the competition rules posted at the following link, agree that we can either partially or fully make references to and use (with the reference to authorship) your works in reviews, articles on the project resources. Besides, you confirm that you agree to your personal data processing.

Applications are accepted only by the placement of works through your personal profile at, or via your personal profile on the website (by sending works through your personal profile, you can also specify that you don’t want to publicly place them, as public placement is only possible with the consent of the author). Besides, you can send/place your work partially, thus, only this placed/presented fragment will be evaluated. You can also place your works under the pseudonym: you can find the relevant item in your personal profile. In case if you place your works under the pseudonym, your real name won’t be mentioned or showed anywhere as it will only be used by the organizers in order to identify your authorship.

You can send all the questions via e-mail, or through your personal profile on the website.

Technical questions:

Participation in the competition and awards is 100% free.

Apart from the competition work, it’s desirable to attach a short author’s biography that can be placed in your personal profile. Besides, it’s desirable to place links to your accounts on social networks as well as contact details.

By applying for the competition, you guarantee that you have created the suggested work yourself and that you have full (exclusive) rights to the work submitted to the competition by you. Besides, you bear full responsibility for all possible risks in the case if these actions violate someone’s rights.

We are glad to receive your applications! Trust us, it will definitely worth it!

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