Do you have any questions associated with our project, the work of the portal, the promotion of your art? Ask them to us via e-mail: info@independentart.net

The most frequently asked questions will make up the basis of our FAQ guide and will be placed in this section. Thank you for helping us make this project better and more interesting! It’s created just for you!


Who are scouts?

– Scouts are a special category of users who make a part of the Independent Art team. They check all the works placed on our portal and note the most interesting ones according to their point of view. These evaluations can only be seen by the system and the team of Independent Art, however, they are important for the promotion of your works. We consider the evaluations of portal users as well. We truly want all talented works and authors to get the maximum attention of users. Of course, such things take time!

Can I promote my work?

– The system is created in a way to help you promote your work. However, you can help it too: you only need to be a more active user of the portal, comment on other people’s works, write feedbacks and reviews. All these things are considered by the system and it rewards you with additional points, which are important for the promotion of your works. You can also use these points in order to activate the additional promotion of your works. This function is available right when you upload work to our portal (tick the “promote” item) or when you edit an already posted work (click “edit”, tick “promote” and save the work). Additional promotions can be activated both for the internal points of the system and for real money via the payment system. By paying for the promotion, you contribute to the development of our project. We’re eternally grateful to you for it! Besides, you get at least 1000 guaranteed reads and views, (and probably even much more) and active promotion of your work on our portal. Your work will be included in targeted mailings, to special sections of the recommended pieces of art and other sections for special screenings, which will guarantee an additional audience, as well as the attention from the scouts and reviewers!

How can I participate in the awards?

– In order to participate in the Independent Art awards, you only need to place your work on our portal. If you don’t want to participate in the awards, but still want to place your work, then, when placing it, tick the corresponding item saying “not participating in the award”. Besides, you have an opportunity to upload work for participation in the awards, but not to show it on our portal – you can also tick the corresponding item when uploading.

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