Our project was created in order to support independent art in the whole world as well as people who are engaged in it. There wasn’t and couldn’t be any other art, except for the independent one. It means that we just support true art and create the best universal international platform for it.


We know how hard it is for real independent art to find its place in this world. It takes years, and the better you do what you do, the more difficult it is to find a place for this thing in this established system of omnipresent “business” that has captivated and occupied almost all niches of contemporary art.


That’s the true reason why we exist: we want to give independent art a decent place not just in this system but in the whole world in general, we want to look for such places for it, to create them. We see tremendous opportunities in this, so we repeat once again: there wasn’t and can’t be any other art than independent art. Art is extremely precious in this world and important for every person.


Just stay with us – be a part of our project, make art and use all opportunities that our project can offer you!


– publish your works, find a new audience, become more famous and sought after. Our promotion system of your works will help you to do this. They won’t remain unnoticed.

– receive feedbacks and comments from other users on your works, as well as professional reviews from our scouts, and independent critics.

– become a contestant of the the Independent Art annual international awards – just publish some of or all of your works on our portal or send them to us for consideration.

– get the opportunity to see your works in the international independent art journal/digest that we publish.

– review catalogs of competitions, publishing houses, festivals and use special services that we create in order to be useful to you. Their aim is to make the promotion of your art easier.

– chat with like-minded people and learn from their experience – participate in discussions, join different groups and create your ones, write private messages, leave comments!

– place your works in our online store and get a ready-made platform for selling your art and making earnings!

– post your videos on the topic of art on our video service! Promote your videos and find your viewers!

– place and promote your events on our portal!

– participate in our offline and online festivals, exhibitions, and other events that will be organized by us in different countries and cities as part of our Independent Art forum.

– help people – use the “kindness” section in order to help those who need your help!

– use the international part of our project to promote your art not just in your country, but all over the world!

– support the independent art of other people, listen, watch, read, create it – be happy and independent, be with us!


It’s just a part of the opportunities that we have created especially for you! We’re constantly developing to become better and more user-friendly platform. Register on our portal – we’re waiting for you!

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